Our Approach

We are here to serve.  Our approach, we believe, could be a right fit for many businesses. Working with us profitability and growth minded small businesses could experience potential benefits in attaining their business success and balancing their personal life.

Financial First Responders

During this unusual time, we are the financial first responders to small businesses what the doctors are to patients. We diagnose first by asking you the right questions relevant to your business, listen carefully and then explore different solutions to help you better understand the state of your business, and where improvements are needed so that you can make right decisions towards achieving success.


For your convenience and changing expectations we offer our services using online and digital means including video conferencing.


Nila Rakhit

Nilanjana Rakhit is an experienced business advisor to small and medium size businesses. She has both operational and planning experiences to help clients gain confidence to achieve goals and milestones.  Her expertise ranges from financial analysis and reporting to cross border operations and taxation. Previously, she was with West Virginia Board of Banking, PKF Boston and The Boston Consulting Group.  She is a CPA and earned her MBA from WV University College of Graduate Studies and MS in Taxation from Bentley University.